Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I have a theory...

I haven't started this regimen because I am too busy focusing on getting everything ready for my first day at NURSING SCHOOL.  I have been thinking about it a lot though.  In addition, I am trying to find the right time to workout, since I'm gonna be working, going to school full-time, and of course, STUDYING!  So I came up with the schedule.  It is a bit ambitious, but anything is possible if you set your mind to it, right? lol

I am gonna be doing two very effective workouts; so it brings up the question.  Will I get the results I want in half of the time span that I have planned?  This is gonna be fun, because now I am curious lol Aside from working out I am gonna maintain an active lifestyle (walking to work; helps the environment & my body, playing sports, and teaching martial arts :D).  Basically, DO SOMETHING!  Keep your body moving and feed it some healthy shit! If you want to spoil yourself eat whatever you want ONCE a week.  Don't go over board either! Limit yourself.  Its something I've been getting the groove on. Your body will get used to it.

I'm not gonna be here to preach the world on working out and being healthy.  Shit, I'm probably pretty fucking unhealthy myself.  I try to give the world advice on what I am trying to do, I'll admit I've failed at it, but its cuz I'm a fucking brat.  I really am trying to change myself into a more healthier person.  I'm doing this whole blog thing so I can keep track of what I'm doing and if ANYBODY is inspired or moved by this then I'll be doing something right for someone else.

On that note, I will officially start my workout TODAY!!! OMG!! I'm so fucking nervous, excited, and lazy HAHAHAHA!!! This is when my martial arts discipline kicks me in the ass and tells me to EXERCISE!!

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